Training and Workshops

The key to having a successful sales force comes from an understanding of the changing mindset of the affluent consumer. We are pleased to offer a workshop designed to inform, instruct, and inspire salespeople—and all who interact with customers and prospects—by leveraging key insights from the Survey of Affluence & Wealth in America and Selling to the New Elite, written by Jim Taylor and Doug Harrison.  It has become increasingly clear that affluent and wealthy consumers have absorbed the lessons of the recession and have permanently changed the way they approach luxury markets in three ways:

  • They have learned to be resourceful by applying due diligence techniques that have taught them to compare value in the marketplace
  • They have learned to discriminate the things they wanted from the things they truly need
  • They have learned the importance of a healthy family balance sheet

These three lessons have caused people to become happier through self-reliance, the ability to control family finances, and the ability to make intelligent decisions about what they really need. Because of this, there has been a shift in the relationship between the salesperson and the customer:

  • In 2007, 67% relied on salespeople to know the specific details of a product that made it worth more. For 2014, that number is just 49%.
  • In 2007, 39% of affluent and wealthy consumers had close relationships with salespeople they could count on. Now in 2014, that number is just 24%.

The workshop reveals lifestyle and economic trends, gleaned from the Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America, to help sales associates and executives fully understand who the wealthy are and what motivates their purchasing. The session leads participants through a series of instructions and exercises geared toward helping them leverage their personal strengths and passions in order to increase the effectiveness of their communication with prospects and customers. The workshop culminates with proven techniques for putting theory into practice in order to build rapport, add new customers, and enhance existing relationships.